ciValue has launched a Facebook Integration solution that will allow retailers and their supplier partners to quickly and easily set up targeted online advertising to their customers and measure the impact on in-store purchases.

ciValue enables retailers to drive revenue, strengthen their collaboration with product suppliers, and increase customer share of wallet with deep, flexible personalization and customer analytics.

Now, ciValue is enhancing its offering by allowing customers to create highly targeted customer lists based on retail purchase history and export those lists directly to Facebook to enable targeted online advertising. Retailers and their supplier partners can then precisely track the impact of their online advertising efforts by measuring the in-store purchase activity of targeted customers.

The ability to link online ads to offline purchases is a major step forward for retailers and their brand partners. Today most online advertising efforts can only be evaluated using metrics that are captured online, such as clicks, views, or e-commerce purchases. But while e-commerce is growing rapidly, online purchases still account less than the total retail sales. The ability to attribute offline sales to online activity is crucial.

“We are thrilled to be able to help our retail clients take another major step forward in capturing their share of their supplier partners’ media revenue,” said Beni Basel, ciValue Founder, and CEO. “And this is just the beginning…we have plans to roll out integrations with other major online channels in the coming months.”