Cisco has an array of portfolio offerings in the contact center space. The company announced plans to beef up its on-premises, hosted, and Cloud-based contact center solution. In a statement, Cisco said ‘it intends to acquire’ privately-held Salt Lake City, UT-based CloudCherry.’ The duo has big plans to assist call/contact center agents. They want to enable real-time customer journey changes that include up and cross-selling, discounts, and other service modifications to improve CX a reality for Cisco customers.

The merger solves a real difficulty for Cisco’s 30,000 plus contact center customers and over three million agents, helping them take the guesswork out of customer support. Harnessing the power of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Cisco’s new cognitive and collaborative contact center gives agents the tools to create more personalized predictive support. This way, agents can resolve customer issues before they happen.

In September 2018, CloudCherry raised $9 million in a Series A round of funding, proving Cisco was wise to snatch CloudCherry off the market after making prior smaller investments through Cisco Investments. Cisco’s investment wing awards between $200 and $300 million each year to companies looking to expand.