CGS and Inspectorio Make Business Alliance to Offer Deep Visibility, Transparency, and End-to-End Quality Control for Fashion Brands, Manufacturers, and Retailers

CGS and Inspectorio Make Business Alliance to Offer Deep Visibility_ Transparency_ and End-to-End Quality Control for Fashion Brands_ Manufacturers_ and Retailers-01

Inspectorio, creators of an AI-powered collaboration platform for quality control, tracking and compliance across the production chain, and CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, today announced a global sales, marketing, and product partnership. This agreement will make it easier for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to align internal shop floor control (SFC) operations with external quality, compliance and on-time delivery (OTD).

The partnership will improve the value proposition for the companies by combining CGS’s BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control technology with Inspectorio’s Sight quality management system. Bringing together the two platforms will give customers greater visibility into the supply chain and manufacturing. Seamless integration will bring CGS SFC production data into Inspectorio quality control dashboards. As a result, suppliers and manufacturers get end-to-end visibility with real-time production tracking.

“Now more than ever, every player along the value chain – from suppliers and manufacturers to retailers and customers – is demanding visibility, transparency and insights into manufacturing and shop floor operations,” said Paul Magel, president of CGS Applications Division. “Our newest offering – Shop Floor Control Essential™ – feeds data collected straight from the shop floor into Inspectorio’s algorithms and dashboards. We look forward to working closely with Inspectorio to increase brand awareness within their customer base and expand our global footprint to drive sales and provide customers with the best solution available to deliver actionable insight into operations.”

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Earlier this year, CGS announced the launch and global availability of Shop Floor Control (SFC) Essential at TexProcess Americas. This latest addition to its award-winning BlueCherry suite is a cloud-based solution that enables manufacturers, brands, and subcontractors to gain real-time visibility, control and insights into their complete supply chain and factory floor operations from any mobile device or browser.

“By combining forces, we’re creating a win-win for everyone. Our combined solution enables total transparency, so our customers can reduce costs, improve product quality and gain real-time visibility into their operations,” said Carlos Moncayo, CEO and Co-Founder for Inspectorio. “Working together, we deliver AI-driven quality, compliance and production tracking and deep, real-time insights into every step of the process.”

Inspectorio’s Sight technology empowers retailers, brands, vendors and factories to optimize their quality, sustainability and compliance operations. Inspectorio leverages machine learning to transition manufacturers from reactive interventions to a proactive, preventative approach to supply chain management. Sight automates quality operations, including activating self-inspections and analyzing large datasets to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

By partnering with CGS, Inspectorio will be able to combine its network collaboration features, such as self-inspection program governance, remote inspections and risk-based automations, with expansive and detailed Shop Floor Control data to enhance its AI algorithms and improve its reporting and analytics offering for users across all levels of the production chain.

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