Ceros and Getty Images Announce Expanded Integration To Deliver Stunning Video Content

Ceros, Video Content

Ceros, an experiential content creation platform, announced that it has expanded its integration with Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications, to give designers and marketers the ability to tap into Getty Images’ expansive collection of stock video through Ceros Studio.

The deal adds millions of Getty Images video clips to Ceros Studio’s existing library of tens of millions of high-quality Getty Images photographs, further dissolving the digital limits of creative expression for in-house marketing teams. By allowing designers to quickly find, add and edit videos and images without leaving the Ceros Studio, Ceros increases the speed and quality of creation and enhances marketers’ freedom to test, create and publish digital concepts and experiences on the fly.

The new functionality is also in-line with Ceros’ obsession with unlocking creativity in digital marketing, and as a byproduct, terminating the lingering era of standard-issue downloadable PDFs and copy-dense customer case studies. As the first and only platform that allows designers and marketers to launch immersive and visually stunning digital marketing campaigns to the web instantly, Ceros is dismantling traditional notions of what is achievable without months of custom creative agency work or developer talent.

Ceros Studio is used by marketers and designers across more than 400 leading enterprises, including Red Bull, United, Conde Nast, Universal, GE, Mastercard, Deloitte, Travel Leaders Group and CBRE. Marketing teams interested in adding the Getty integration to their Ceros subscription can easily do so by upgrading the Media Bundle within their existing Ceros account.