CentSai One Launches, Making Marketing for Financial Professionals Easy

CentSai One Launches_ Making Marketing for Financial Professionals Easy

CentSai, the leading financial wellness platform that takes the fear out of finance through its content and storytelling, launched CentSai One today. This SaaS platform gives users access to a treasure trove of marketing materials to brand for their own business development.

CentSai produces high-quality stories, quizzes, and videos to enable users to learn more about financial services in a way that is less intimidating and also fun. CentSai’s robust catalog of content can now be accessed through CentSai One — which users can tailor to their audience and brand as their own. CentSai One aims to relieve businesses of producing their own content to engage with clients and prospects.

CentSai One is being launched initially in the financial advisory market, to small banks, credit unions, and financial advisors. It is the perfect tool for professionals who need financial marketing content but have limited resources or support. The platform will provide its users with a content marketing shortcut and access to thousands of content assets including stories, videos, and quizzes.

The content-selection process is simple and quick, with the user able to apply filters to select relevant material that can be branded with their company name, logo, and a custom call-to-action. Content can also be shared on all of a business’ social media channels.

CentSai One is not only developed around a strong content marketing strategy, but also enables users to see how their selected content performs through its built-in tracking features.

Financial professionals often develop new business through a range of methods that include attending networking events, identifying specific targets, joining local organizations, and producing their own content, all of which are time-consuming, repetitive, and stale. CentSai One helps its users focus on their business instead of spending time and energy on marketing.

“Marketing as a single person or small business can be time-consuming and expensive for financial professionals,” says Arindam Nag, co-founder and CEO of CentSai.

“CentSai One enables businesses to build their own targeted content marketing program with a few clicks. It is easy to use and helps a business brand high-quality financial wellness content with its name and logo to better develop its client base and build their business more successfully,” Nag adds.