Celebriffy, The Most Promising New Content Monetization Platform, Pays Creators More Money From Their Content By Utilizing The Web And App Base Platform.

Celebriffy_ the most promising new content monetization platform_ pays creators more money from their content by utilizing the web and app base platform.-01

Celebriffy published this new monetizing social media platform to provide real freedom and greater monetization control to content creators suffering from demonetizing, low payouts, payment interruption, antifreedom platform rules, and fan relationship limitations pressed by existing social media content publishing platforms. Frustration is killing great content for everyone. The existing power structure has stripped many talented performance artists of their opportunity to share art and build fan networks of value.

Celebriffy is Building the Best Monetization Platform for professionals and individuals with special skills who want to profit and share their knowledge with others through social media.  “I have worked with the Celebriffy visionaries – recording artist and entrepreneur Noelia, Music Producer and Aviation Entrepreneur Jorge Reynoso along with Canadian Businessman and Software Designer Omar Al Atroshi – since they first conceived of this engaging platform that priorities the content creators, and focusses on those with skills to share, avoiding the entertainment aspects of other platforms” said Harvey Kesner, co-founder and counsel.  “We want to open social media monetization opportunities for the many who have skills or knowledge they wish to share on social media to earn extra income.”

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Celebriffy is the Newest and Hottest Social Media Platform for content creators and professionals to monetize

Celebriffy believes that ‘content is king’ and creators deserve the lion’s share of revenue generated from their art. From a sane perspective, why should the platforms earn the hundreds of Billions of dollars generated and only pay the tiniest percentage for the content that drives them? Celebriffy reverses the pay and power ratio between platform revenues and talent revenues. The internet should be a medium to provide real freedom of sharing content, allowing groups to gather around shared interest. Celebriffy honors the content makers and creatives that give joy, education, and value to the world by empowering earnings to justify continued art creation and sharing.

The Celebriffy platform gives full freedom and control of content, allowing maximum artistic expression, and its fan interaction features allow for massive live and recorded broadcast with full interaction as well as one-on-one private contact, immediately, upon using the app. All the features of the app are designed to allow talent to build and maintain the strongest fan base, with total independent freedom of choice, down to monetizing control over each individual fan relationship, in unprecedented ways.

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