Captiv8 is pleased to officially announce two new arrivals to its executive team: Stephanie Hoppe , Head of European Operations, and Saeyoung Cho , Head of Strategic Partnerships. Stephanie and Sae join Captiv8 at a time when the global demand for international influencer marketing services and software is increasing and the corporate client segment continues to grow.

Based in London, Stephanie will lead the strategy and direction of Captiv8’s European operations, which includes expansion to the UK, Germany, France , Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands. With a solid background in agency, Stephanie previously led the business development of Relatable and has been responsible for implementing the primary social vision of many European Fortune 500 brands over the past 5 years. She is an expert in delivering digital, performance, integrated and influencer marketing campaigns designed to engage consumers with brand goals.

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Saeyoung brings a decade of experience working in paid, owned and earned media to build a social vision with Fortune 500 brands. Prior to joining Captiv8, Saeyoung was a director at Horizon Media, the largest independent advertising agency with clients like Geico, Corona and others. She led social strategy within the agency and developed a very effective and scalable internal influencer marketing discipline. Saeyoung will focus on strengthening industry partnerships and leading customer growth with corporate clients.

“Before joining Captiv8, my biggest frustration working with some of the world’s most inspiring brands was the poor quality of data that underpinned otherwise brilliant creative strategies. While influencer marketing matured to be a vital part of brands’ media budgets, the data agencies were able to provide to clients had not matured. Captiv8 combines human creativity with excellent data insight, whether you choose us as a full-service agency or use our platform as a self-service dashboard. I am excited to build on the existing successes of Captiv8, ”said Stephanie Hoppe

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“Over the past five years, as an expert in clientele and brand context, I have had the opportunity to watch Captiv8 evolve to become one of the strongest leaders in the influencer marketing ecosystem in placing forward-thinking strategic bets on influencer data ahead of the competition. I couldn’t be happier to join the whole team, ”said Saeyoung Cho .

“We are very happy and honored that Saeyoung and Stephanie are joining the Captiv8 team. Stephanie’s mastery of the European market and Sae’s deep understanding of branding will both be crucial in helping Captiv8 continue to grow and expand its presence in the industry, ”said Krishna Subramanian .

Captiv8 is the largest branded content platform powered by artificial intelligence. It connects brands with influencers and digital creators to tell strong stories. Marketers leverage the platform to discover influencers, create newsworthy content, manage their campaigns, and measure results. At the heart of the platform is Insights, a social listening tool that provides real-time audience data on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.