Capacity Launches New Online Client Portal for Improved Fulfillment Tracking and Reporting


Capacity LLC, trusted leaders in order fulfillment, e-commerce, and EDI solutions, has launched a revitalized online portal to serve its clients.

Reimagined from the ground up as a way for brand managers and executives to monitor their fulfillment activity, Capacity’s development team put user experience at the heart of the redesign. Improved architecture and a more intuitive interface make the system simple for clients to navigate, while custom Tableau-based reporting presents key account data in an easily digestible format. The portal is also optimized for mobile devices, giving busy executives access to their accounts even when they’re on the move.

Visibility of order processing and fulfillment performance is increasingly important in today’s data-driven supply chain environment. Identifying potential issues and responding to them quickly can be the difference between a lifelong customer or one who’s lost forever when problems go unresolved. Capacity’s new client portal gives managers instant access to the data they need to make crucial decisions and act on customer concerns in a timely manner.

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“This upgrade to our Client Center portal is as important an upgrade as our transition to the Salesforce Service Cloud,” says Capacity’s Vice President of Client Services, Darren Lavelle. “It enhances the transparency of our partnerships with the exceptional brands we serve and delivers customized, scalable solutions as we continue to grow together.”

The new client portal launch, taken together with a new state-of-the-art facility opening in 2020 and Capacity’s best-in-class technology partners, demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing clients with premium order fulfillment services that deliver brand promises and delight their customers.

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