Btab Seeks New Purchases, As Global Expansion Plan Continues


Having successfully established a foothold in the e-commerce marketplace, Btab have announced a renewed focus on growth and expansion after more than 10 successful mergers over the past 2 years.

Continuing the pace of growth and development, the organization has announced plans to enhance its reach by acquiring an additional number of companies within the technology, product manufacturing, international trade, wholesale and logistics markets. The next phase of the growth delivery plan will look to connect with markets in the US and other high-growth regions in order to ensure its specialist e-commerce services are more accessible to under-served sectors, including family run and small businesses.

Btab CEO, Binson Lau commented: “We’re thrilled with the growth we’ve experienced over the last few years despite the instability of the global pandemic and other market impacts around the world. We’re now seeking to acquire a number of additional companies as part of the next stage in our growth plan, which is designed to expand our services outward to individuals who need support to compete in the wider marketplace.”

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Mr Lau continued: “Our core ethos of supporting smaller businesses and enabling them with access to the technologies enjoyed by the global giants, has driven our rapid expansion. We often provide many of our services without charge to smaller companies who we’re committed to supporting, so in order to extend our reach as far as possible, we’re looking to new markets in multiple countries around the world.”

The Btab Network has served millions of visitors to date and continued to grow at pace. In order to support the next phase, Btab is currently in consultation with a range of investors and remains confident that a new round of acquisitions with enable the organization to better support increased numbers of visitors and partners.

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