Qualtrics, the leader in experience management, announced that Broad River Retail (BRR), the nation’s largest independently owned and operated Ashley HomeStore licensee in the United States, has selected Qualtrics CustomerXM™ to drive their customer experience program across 21 Ashley HomeStores in the Carolinas and Georgia. BRR will manage and track hundreds of thousands of customer interactions in-store, online, and across the company’s customer experience, home delivery, and service center divisions on the Qualtrics XM Platform™.

“Delivering a premier customer experience is at the heart of who we are as an organization and requires that we constantly strive to better understand our customers, their feelings, emotions, and experiences,” said Charlie Malouf, President, and CEO, Broad River Retail. “Using Qualtrics, we can measure critical customer interactions; identify areas for improvement; provide positive and negative feedback to our team members, and deliver breakthrough customer experiences to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

With CustomerXM, BRR will evaluate the current customer experience across all 21 Ashley HomeStores, identify experience gaps, and determine the actions that will have the most significant impact on the overall customer and employee experience. With easy-to-use dashboards and the Qualtrics XM mobile app, BRR will be able to make customer experience management a part of the daily routine of hundreds of its team members by proactively surfacing insights and recommended actions, tailored by role and location, from the leadership team to the front line.

“We seek to partner with premier companies to aid us in furnishing life’s best memories for our guests,” said Malouf. “To that end, we completed 18 months of intensive due diligence before selecting Qualtrics as our Experience Management platform. As a growing retail company in this highly competitive industry, we needed to identify the right partner to help us build a sustainable company powered by amazing experiences with our customers. We are so thrilled that we found the ideal partner and platform with Qualtrics. The XM Platform will amplify and propel our efforts to achieve next-level growth through increased customer retention and referrals by focusing on enhancing customer experience.”

The Qualtrics XM Platform is a system of action that organizations use to manage the four core experiences of business: customer, employee, product, and brand. Organizations from more than 100 countries use Qualtrics to close the gap between what customers expect and the experience they receive. In the last six months alone, brands have used Qualtrics to launch more than 500 new customer experience programs globally, making Qualtrics the fastest growing provider in the industry.