Britelite Immersive Acquires Fabl to Create First-of-Its Kind Experience Management Platform

Britelite Immersive Acquires Fabl to Create First-of-Its Kind Experience Management Platform

Britelite Immersive, a creative technology company that builds immersive and interactive experiences for brands and marketers, has acquired content management platform Fabl to create a first-of-its kind Experience Management Platform, effective immediately. As a result of the acquisition, Britelite’s proprietary software, Litehouse, will combine online, virtual and physical experience oversight into a single platform, launching an entirely new Experience Management category. Britelite clients include Fortune 500 companies, such as Amgen, Accenture and Capital One. The company has also produced immersive experiences for Super Bowl 50, FIFA World Cup, and Salesforce Tower.

Veteran tech industry marketing executive Daina Middleton has been named CEO of the newly expanded company. Prior to joining Britelite, Daina held executive and leadership roles across technology and service organizations including Twitter, HP, Performics and Ansira with a focus on rapid growth and innovation. She has a proven track record creating and growing market categories, driving thought leadership through partnerships and experiences, cultivating company culture, and executing operational excellence.

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From smart cities to managing multiple experience locations, Middleton sees huge growth potential for Britelite in 2021 and beyond as more marketers, retail and tech facilities managers, event planners and real estate developers accelerate their plans to integrate online, virtual and live experiences in response to the COVID pandemic and its lasting impact on every aspect of work and life.

COVID has accelerated the demand for a single platform that enables experience management across online, virtual and physical environments,” said Middleton, who, prior to officially joining as chief executive, worked with Britelite over the course of the past year as an advisor. “Britelite’s supercharged Litehouse product does for content experiences what autonomous driving does for cars.”

Britelite founder John Flores, who has been acting CEO since the company’s launch in 2013, will assume the role of Chief Experience Officer; and Fabl’s outgoing CEO & cofounder Taj Forer has been named Chief Product Officer, overseeing the new combined Litehouse technology solution.

“Britelite has revolutionized digital media within customer experience centers, retail environments, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, and branded internet and mobile properties. Now we’re pioneering an entirely new category: Experience Management,” said Flores. “With its expertise empowering brands to create and distribute online content, Fabl is the perfect partner to help us achieve the Holy Grail of experience marketing: the merging of physical, virtual and digital realities.”

Britelite’s proprietary platform, Litehouse, automates the production, distribution, management and optimization of high impact content experiences. Litehouse leverages AI, machine learning, robotics, and spatial awareness to drive content to customers at the right time, at the right place, and on the right device.

“Litehouse connects brands to customers across mixed realities in true omnichannel fashion,” said Forer. “For the first time, brands and marketers will be equipped with the tools they need to seamlessly guide messaging across a sea of physical, digital, and virtual environments.”

Britelite Immersive is currently completing an investment raise to meet current market demand. The company is planning to leverage rolling capital investments moving forward as needed.