BrightTALK Helps Marketers Build and Execute Winning Demand Generation Programs

BrightTALK Helps Marketers Build and Execute Winning Demand Generation Programs

Virtual Event Leader Unveils Blueprint Generator and Course

BrightTALK, the virtual events platform that brings professionals and businesses together to learn and grow, today unveiled its new Blueprint Generator tool and video-based Course, designed to help marketers create successful demand generation programs.

The Blueprint Generator offers marketers a customized plan for winning new customers and meeting their demand generation goals, while the Course delivers step-by-step guidance on creating and executing a webinar strategy that is focused on building a community around content, engaging new potential buyers, and converting a company’s core audience.

“Developing a sound demand strategy is always challenging, and this is especially true in the current environment,” explained BrightTALK CMO David Pitta. “BrightTALK is committed to equipping marketers with the tools to develop both the strategic and execution components of a successful demand strategy.”

Augmenting an earlier version of the Generator, which distills resources and best practices so marketers hit their goals in record time, this newest version digs down even deeper, aligning the number of customers marketers need to win in a year with the opportunities, leads and content volume they’ll need to achieve those goals. It allows for a completely customized “blueprint” for a company’s demand generation strategy and objectives.

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BrightTALK’s Course consists of four modules highlighting how to plan, execute, measure, and scale a webinar-based strategy. This video-based course is designed to demystify the core elements of a successful webinar program, breaking down these necessary elements and proving that any team, large or small, can drive results with this marketing channel. Learning is further enhanced with templates and worksheets developed by BrightTALK’s marketing team.

Helping content and demand marketers hit their goals is a key BrightTALK objective. The Blueprint Generator and Course are integral parts of a suite of products and services that allows BrightTALK to deliver on its mission to help marketers develop and scale successful, always-on demand generation programs.

While the company’s resources continue to expand and evolve, its mission has remained steadfast — to bring businesses and professionals together to learn and grow. “These programs take our team’s collective webinar and marketing experience and share it with our audience,” said Pitta. “BrightTALK aims to be a strategic partner for businesses looking to generate scalable, consistent demand.” In today’s uncertain business environment, webinars and virtual events are even more critical to a company’s marketing initiatives.

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