BrightStar Care Chooses BillingPlatform to Automate Complex Billing Needs

BrightStar Care Chooses BillingPlatform to Automate Complex Billing Needs

BillingPlatform, a leading global cloud-based monetization and billing solution provider, today announced that BrightStar Care® has selected BillingPlatform to automate its complex billing needs after a comprehensive review of competitive solutions. BillingPlatform’s BillingCloud solution will reduce time spent on manual billing processes by up to 75%, allowing BrightStar Care’s finance team to allocate time to other critical activities that will improve operational efficiency.

Founded in 2002, BrightStar Care’s mission is to provide a higher standard of care that is more dependable, supportive and complete to its clients. With more than 340 locally owned and operated locations in the U.S., BrightStar Care’s nurses, therapists, certified nurse aides and caregivers deliver professional and compassionate in-home care services for people of all ages – from infants to seniors, as well as medical staffing services for healthcare facilities.

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BrightStar Care needed to replace its in-house billing solution, which was a manual and time-consuming process leveraging basic spreadsheet technology. BillingCloud was the only solution with the scalability and flexibility to support BrightStar Care’s complex billing scenarios for its franchisees, including various usage- and tiered-based models, non-standard 4-4-5 accounting periods and formula-based billing, among other needs. The solution will also reduce long-term training and maintenance for the company’s finance team.

“BillingPlatform’s BillingCloud is the only solution on the market that is able to handle our company’s complex billing scenarios without requiring expensive customization,” said David Pallaschke, BrightStar Care’s Chief Financial Officer. “BillingCloud will allow us greater visibility and organization into the billing of our hundreds of franchisees, as well as the ability to manage numerous billing scenarios with greater efficiency.”

BillingPlatform is the industry’s leading cloud-based software solution that enables enterprises like BrightStar Care to automate and integrate their entire billing and monetization processes. With built-in contract management, BrightStar Care can easily configure and manage contract terms and rules for each franchisee. BillingCloud provides the ability to monetize products and services with any combination of one-time charges, promotional offers, subscription, consumption, or dynamic-based pricing. This unparalleled flexibility puts enterprises like BrightStar Care in control of how they differentiate in the market as well as manage and grow their revenue.

“BillingPlatform has developed deep expertise in supporting franchise businesses like Panera Bread and Self Esteem Brands, and we’re well poised to help BrightStar Care overcome the complex billing challenges that inherently come with operating a franchise business,” said Dennis Wall, CEO at BillingPlatform. “BrightStar Care knows what it means to deliver a superior customer experience, and we are excited to be a part of their commitment to continued innovation and growth.”