BrightLine Launches Next Generation CTV Platform, Promotes Co-Founder to President, and Welcomes Paul Haddad as Executive Advisor to CEO

BrightLine Launches Next Generation CTV Platform_ Promotes Co-Founder to President_ and Welcomes Paul Haddad as Executive Advisor to CEO

BrightLine, the leader in data-driven connected TV (CTV) ad solutions, today announces the launch of BrightLink, the company’s next generation CTV platform and portal, which delivers the most advanced and scalable, data-driven monetization tools and ad capabilities for OTT TV providers.

BrightLink represents the unification and expansion of the company’s supply-side TV services suite, beginning with the introduction of the Unified Audience View (UAV). The UAV enables media partners to provide the much demanded, de-duplicated household reach and frequency view so brands can finally understand the true incrementality of their OTT buys.

To lead and manage BrightLink’s expansion and support the company’s overall growth, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Rob Aksman was also named President. Robert will lead the company’s efforts to scale its operations in the CTV domain and manage the fast-growing client demand for BrightLine’s unique and dominant offering both domestically and overseas.

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“With BrightLink we have an incredible opportunity to serve publishers and the broader CTV market with a unified suite of data-driven tools that monetize and elevate the TV viewing experience,” says Jacqueline Corbelli, Founder and CEO of BrightLine. “As a cofounder of BrightLine, Rob has been instrumental in designing and a driving force behind building our platform for achieving that goal from day one. His technical and operational expertise and experience are unrivaled in the CTV world, making him a natural and supreme choice for leading our further expansion here and abroad.”

To further accelerate the company’s strategic aims, BrightLine has also tapped Paul Haddad to become an executive advisor to CEO Jacqueline Corbelli. “Paul’s track record speaks for itself,” said Jacqueline Corbelli. “His ability to innovate, build successful businesses, and drive aggressive growth is a perfect match for our ambitions to write the next chapter for BrightLine.” “I’m thrilled to have Paul as a partner at this exciting moment to pursue strategic growth initiatives that capitalize on our unique data and technology assets and implement our full vision.”

“We’re delighted to bring the UAV to market, adding to our rich suite of ad services, another advanced tool for partners to effectively monetize their rapidly expanding OTT inventory. Initial results of the UAV are striking, and suggest a minimal household overlap between leading media providers, indicating potential under-investment by marketers,” revealed Rob Aksman.

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“As content consumption evolves, the need for greater accountability in the OTT space is further magnified. The ability to deliver programming that meets advertiser brand safety and suitability parameters requires deeper visibility on schedules delivered.  Advertisers and agencies can plan and buy more effectively when there is clarity across all OTT buys to understand overall reach, de-duplicated reach, and frequency management.  As an industry, we are gaining momentum with cross-platform measurement work through the WFA and ANA.  OTT inclusion is critical,” shared Jennifer Gardner, Senior Director of Media for Unilever.

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