Bright Pattern Launches AI-Powered Omnichannel Communication Interaction Platform for Service Management

Bright Pattern Launches AI-Powered Omnichannel Communication Interaction Platform for Service Management

Improve your service management ROI with an Omnichannel Communication Interaction Platform for digital transformation, AI-powered automation, and remote service desk capabilities

Bright Pattern, leading provider of omnichannel communication software for innovative companies, launches a new Omnichannel Communication Platform for IT Service Management to improve ROI by automating common processes including; incident management, problem management, change management, request management, service catalog, quality management, and omnichannel contact center communications. With the current pandemic and the move to remote workforces, it is critical now more than ever to get more out of service management solutions.

Bright Pattern’s AI-powered Omnichannel Communication Interaction Platform enables company’s existing service management solutions to communicate on all voice and digital channels (chat, SMS, MMS, email, and messengers) while providing advanced automation. Bright Pattern’s software dramatically improves the ROI of service management solutions with automated password reset, automated incident creation and resolution, status updates and notifications, voice self-service, and automated routing of all communications. The software also lets companies measure employee performance and customer satisfaction with advanced quality management features.

“Bright Pattern helped one of the world’s largest HR service firms, Randstad, save over $400,000 in IT costs within just a few months of adding Bright Pattern to their existing service management solution,” said Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern. “We feel that other service management organizations can take advantage of the powerful AI and automation capabilities of Bright Pattern’s platform to realize similar returns and achieve additional IT efficiencies.”

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“At Randstad we’ve started looking at how to do things smarter,” said Jessica Osborn, IT Support Services Operations Manager at Randstad. “With Bright Pattern we delivered advanced functionality and automation, and had an ROI payback of just a few months.”

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“Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Interaction Platform offers service management teams true innovation that tackles common challenges faced by ITSM teams today,” said Kevin Smith, ITSM industry expert and author of ‘World-Class IT Service Management’. “I don’t recall seeing a higher ROI for an ITSM technology. It brings powerful AI and proven automation to organizations’ existing service management solutions—companies can continue using their current platform while elevating the performance of their ITSM processes.”

Bright Pattern is the simplest, most powerful AI-powered communication interaction platform with the highest ROI and fastest time to deploy in the industry (half the industry average). Bright Pattern ranks #1 for omnichannel innovation, #1 for deployment time, #1 for professional services, and #1 for hosting reliability.

Core Functionality of AI-Powered Omnichannel Communication Platform:

Incident Management Automation – Incident management is automated and streamlined with Bright Pattern’s AI-powered ITSM platform. Reduce call volume by up to 30%, reduce hold times by 10-20%, improve customer satisfaction by up to 10%, and boost first call resolution by up to 20%. Here are some of the ways Bright Pattern streamlines incident management:

  • Automated Password Reset
  • Automated Creation of Incident Record
  • Smart Routing for Escalations
  • Create Incident on Any Channel
  • Proactive Notification of SLA Breach
  • Co-Browse

Problem and Change Management Automation – Streamline problem and change management, and get decisions and implementation done quickly with little interruption. With Bright Pattern’s ITSM platform, reduce call volumes by 60% during an outage or a day of service degradation, reduce change approval time by 75%, and reduce calls to local service desks by 30%. Bright Pattern’s features include:

  • Automated Notification of Planned and Unplanned Outages
  • Automated Notification of Service Degradation
  • Automated Voting of CAB on Change Request

Quality Management Automation – Reduce the training cycle by up to 40% and improve customer satisfaction by developing accurate improvement plans with Service Desk Quality Management and automated CSAT scoring on all Interactions.

Contact Center Management – Improve customer satisfaction in your helpdesk and empower employees to deliver better customer service. Reduce time to close an incident by 20%, improve customer satisfaction by 10%, reduce agent training by 40%, and calculate accurate CSAT scores on all interactions with Bright Pattern’s Outbound Customer Care Outreach and Service Management Call Center.

Request Management Automation – Automated creation of service request for fast and proactive service to users. Reduce total time required to create a service request by 80% and reduce the number of calls by 20-30%.

Service Catalog Automation – Give clients and employees access to an automated Service Catalog for 24/7 access, reducing call volume by 10-20%.