The BridTV video platform corners the digital market with its unique video ad solution, which is already the number one request from web publishers. Any-Ad™ allows both digital publishers and app developers to monetize and tweak their ad tech to ensure maximum revenue. The system is highly effective, extremely dynamic, flexible and intuitive. When you use Any-Ad™ you can expect high-yield results.

What exactly can Any-Ad™ help you achieve? Well, let’s have a gander at some of the greatest advantages of Intelligent Banner Fallback. With Any-Ad™ you can:

  • Instantly monetize mobile and desktop traffic.
  • Implement Any-Ad™ tech for maximum revenue and minimum hassle.
  • Improve brand awareness with high-yield ads.
  • Utilize a centralized monetization system.

Any-Ad™ Intelligent Banner Fallback

As one of BridTV’s many video ad solutions, Any-Ad™ goes beyond any other video ad format. We feel that web publishers can also rely on this unique ad tech to create a steady and reliable revenue stream. Here are the key features and benefits of BridTV Any-Ad™:

Publishers Get 100% Revenue Increase – while publishers rely on banners as a solid means of revenue, instream and outstream fill rates are tough to achieve. Any-Ad™ backfill allows for fast monetization and no loss of revenue, even where there is no video ad.

Analytics & Viewability – every aspect of your monetization funnels through BridTV’s analytics engine. Track banner performance, focus on viewability. The player was designed to be viewable, so your banners will also be viewable.

Support for More Than Just the 300×250 Format – one of the greatest advantages of Any-Ad™ is that it supports a vast range of banner formats (Google Ad Manager passbacks included). The system runs across all devices and is incredibly simple to implement.

Any-Ad™ and Sticky Player Combo – Banner Fallback coincides with our groundbreaking HMTL5 Video Player. Implementations such as BridTV Sticky Player can easily lead you to a steady revenue stream.