Brandwatch Announces Partnership with Kinetiq to Integrate Real-time TV and Digital Analytics

Brandwatch Announces Partnership with Kinetiq to Integrate Real-time TV and Digital Analytics

Leaders in TV and Digital Consumer Intelligence Team Up to Bring AI-Powered, Cross-Channel Marketing Intelligence to Brands Worldwide

Digital consumer intelligence company, Brandwatch, and Kinetiq, the pioneer of real-time TV intelligence for brands, today announced a partnership to provide the most comprehensive cross-channel marketing intelligence solution on the market.

The deal brings Kinetiq’s data from over 2,600 TV stations across more than 85 countries into the Brandwatch Consumer Research platform alongside the world’s largest social data archive and its suite of AI-powered analytics, alerting and reporting tools. This new integrated solution lets brands, agencies, media companies and other organizations create a comprehensive view of their paid, earned and owned media presence across social, online and TV.

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For years, brands and marketers have sought analytics solutions that reflect their more unified and holistic approach to marketing, but continue to rely on channel-specific analytics solutions. The new offering from Brandwatch and Kinetiq will change this by providing a seamless view of digital and TV in a single platform that allows marketers and analysts to discover, organize and distribute insights.

Kinetiq’s platform is capable of instantly revealing the level of TV exposure a brand is receiving, differentiating between paid spots or earned mentions, which market it appeared in (local, national or global), and if it was a seen or heard brand instance. With Brandwatch Consumer Research, users can then segment and chart data using industry-leading machine learning technology, sentiment and emotion analysis and fully customizable dashboards.

These insights can be blended with social and marketing intelligence to build a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between media spend and organic TV coverage and online conversations that informs vital marketing and PR decisions.

“The partnership between Kinetiq and Brandwatch brings together two best-in-class platforms to provide marketers with access to the most comprehensive listening across social and linear TV,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO of Kinetiq. “Now that our joint customers have the ability to view Kinetiq’s real-time TV feed natively within the Brandwatch Consumer Research platform, we’re arming them with a common lens to better understand the convergence of TV, digital and social.”

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“We help brands increase their understanding of consumers,” said Giles Palmer, CEO of Brandwatch. “We’re delighted to announce this new integration with Kinetiq which brings the world of earned and paid TV data into our platform. Adding what consumers are hearing and seeing on TV will help Brands create a deeper understanding of the impact and value of their media spending.”

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