Brandfolder Launches Brand Intelligence: Advanced AI & ML For Marketers & Creatives

Brandfolder, Brand Intelligence, AI, ML

Brandfolder announced the launch of Brand Intelligence, a collection of proprietary, patent-pending, AI technologies built specifically to enhance marketing and creative teams’ efficiency and workflows.

Brand Intelligence moves beyond the generalized AI/ML models currently being deployed in most of the digital asset management (DAM) space today–like Google Cloud’s Vision and Amazon Rekognition–layering intelligence on top of them.

Brand Intelligence analyzes all creative assets behind the scenes and learns from users’ habits over time. It adapts to users’ workflow and applies brand-specific auto-tags to help stakeholders find content quicker, based on their natural search instinct. This process frees up time for more strategic projects versus administrative tasks like tagging and organizing content.

Jim Hanifen, Head of Product at Brandfolder, states, “Brand Intelligence’s real differentiator is our ability to easily build ad-hoc models that are not just brand-specific, but also case-specific for each individual use case. When a DAM can surface content in a matter of seconds based on product-specific tags, there are real-world results–campaigns can be deployed quicker or up-to-date assets can be brought to market faster.”

On top of that, Brand Intelligence predicts all asset performance within a Brandfolder and provides granular insights and performance-based metrics. Customers can then combine this data with ad-hoc models and third-party data to help creative and marketing teams create highly personalized campaigns.