BrainSell Unveils New Outreach Integration with Sugar Sell to Boost Sales Productivity for Growing Companies

BrainSell Unveils New Outreach Integration with Sugar Sell to Boost Sales Productivity for Growing Companies

BrainSell – the growth enablement company specializing in end-to-end business consulting, technologies, and implementation services – today announced the availability of the Outreach Plugin for Sugar Sell. The deep integration enables sales and sales development professionals to work within the Outreach sales engagement platform and sync data and insights directly into Sugar Sell, the industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution from SugarCRM.

The integration will help Sugar Sell customers turn their CRM into the center of its growth ecosystem, providing a single view of the sales process. This is done by ensuring all the sales engagement data gathered by Outreach flows directly into Sugar Sell, while contact and account data within Sugar is shared with both engagement platforms to guarantee accuracy.

“SugarCRM’s no-touch, time-aware customer experience platform acts as the nucleus of your company’s tech ecosystem to help companies create customers for life. We’re proud to have a partner like BrainSell focused on innovating the way they help customers grow,” said Clint Oram, Chief Strategy Officer of SugarCRM. “This integration completely streamlines and optimizes sales and development reps’ productivity by giving them tools like Outreach designed specifically for their role, all while ensuring data is pushed back and forth between Sugar Sell.”

Outreach’s sales engagement platform (SEP) helps companies dramatically increase productivity and drive smarter, more insightful engagement with their customers. With the Sugar Sell integration, mutual customers will be able to sync all engagement generated through Outreach’s sales sequences into their CRM. This keeps contact and account records as up to date as possible, while also allowing users to push new contacts into appropriate sales sequences.

“As a growth enablement company, we are passionate about helping customers reach their growth objectives,” said Jim Ward, Founder and CEO of BrainSell. “We built this integration between Sugar Sell and Outreach to allow sales teams to seamlessly and efficiently engage with buyers, build their pipelines, and effectively extend the end-to-end view of a customer.”

The Outreach-Sugar Integration is available for purchase through Sugar Outfitters.