Bounteous Expands International Capabilities; Joins Google Program

Bounteous Expands International Capabilities

Bounteous, a leading insights-driven digital experience consultancy, today announced its continued international expansion with the Google Partners International Growth program. The opportunity comes as Bounteous continues to deploy solutions across the globe and co-innovate on work outside of its North American headquarters

Bounteous has been recognized as one of the first externally-recognized Google export partners and international growth agencies that can help create online marketing campaigns in new markets. As a listed Google Partner agency, Bounteous gets exclusive access to tools and resources that can assist in accelerating export opportunities, at a time when export advertising is incremental, profitable, and critical for business recovery.

“Bounteous has a track record of architecting and building solutions for international brands that scale globally,” said Keith Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of Bounteous. “Companies come to Bounteous to leverage our industry-leading capabilities and co-innovate on strategic solutions, and this distinguished partnership with Google elevates our ability to deliver work from anywhere on the globe.”

Google provided Bounteous with international growth training sessions and provided teams access to tools that provide strategic insights on possible market expansion opportunities. This allows Bounteous to identify opportunities for incremental revenue growth for its client base. The team also gained additional insight into overcoming critical hurdles related to internationalizing marketing programs like localization, logistics, payments, and customer care.

Bounteous has a B2B manufacturing client leveraging the International Growth Program today. The data provided by this program helps identify cost-efficient advertising and demand for factory automation technology globally.

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In addition to joining the Google International Growth program, Bounteous works to support international direct-to-consumer (D2C) campaigns and client initiatives. For example, Bounteous launched the commerce activation for Coca-Cola’s 2021 “Open to Better” campaign to coincide with the New Year and inspired to connect Coca‑Cola fans throughout Europe. Bounteous has also served as an international partner in growing D2C solutions in markets including Mexico, the EU, and Egypt.

Bounteous received an honorable mention in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Marketing Agencies report and was named to the 2020 Adweek Fastest-Growing Agencies in the world list, consulting brands including 40 of the Fortune 500 and spanning five continents. Bounteous employs more than 700 team members remotely and across a network of offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Germany, with partners across the globe