BORN and Alkeon boost their management team with the arrival of Stewart Mancey as director of e-concessions and retail partners.

BORN and Alkeon boost their management team with the arrival of Stewart Mancey as director of e-concessions and retail partners.-01

Globally, e-commerce represents today a turnover of more than 25 trillion dollars, of which more than 12 trillion corresponds to B2B transactions (according to Statista). With nearly 2 billion websites online as of January 2021, navigating through products and locating quality suppliers can be difficult and time-consuming, if not impossible at times. Faced with billions of products and brands present online, the number of which is only increasing, curation becomes a specialized and crucial task in order to support digital transactions, without forgetting that consumers no longer buy in the same way. . They now consider the sustainability of products, the integrity of their manufacturers and their ethics. In such a context,

The product curation process creates collections designed to capture the interest of specific demographic groups and market niches. Modern methods of product curation exploit data on customer segmentation and purchasing behavior, as well as personalization techniques, in order to generate interest in products, to facilitate understanding of them, and create additional product-related content, ultimately increasing the value of transactions.

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Today, BORN and Alkeon announce the arrival of a veteran in this sector, Stewart Mancey, who joins a multidisciplinary team of global specialists as director of e-concessions and partner retailers. As part of these functions,Verisign Europe and E * Trade Europe) . Stewart Mancey will work with brands and retailers for both Alkeon and BORN. His prestigious training at Harrods and his knowledge of each retailer, especially in terms of creativity, will enable BORN to curate lifestyle and ethical brands according to criteria of integrity, functionality and desirability.

Stewart comments: “My two decades at Harrods have given me wonderful experience, fabulous industry contacts and a deep understanding of the power of curation across many product categories. In my new role with BORN and Alkeon, I will guide their product strategy, carefully curating according to many criteria that reflect today’s purchasing priorities, to create an ideal selection bringing together the best products and companies. in the world. We want to simplify the daily lives of buyers and consumers by offering them a top-level product search solution, driven by machine learning, personalized and in a superb environment using the latest technologies ”.

Stewart began his successful career as a buyer at Harrods in 2003, when he left the sales teams to join the purchasing office in charge of major women’s brands. Three years later, he then became a buyer for evening wear, Armani and Ralph Lauren. In 2007, he switched to men’s collections, as a primary buyer for major men’s brands and bespoke tailoring, and oversaw renovations totaling £ 10million while driving solid growth. In 2011, Stewart also took on the role of Head of Sports Purchasing and managed Harrods’ strategy for the London Olympics, as well as other £ 5million renovations. In 2013, Stewart took over the purchasing department for furniture, technology and toys,

CEO Jean-Christophe Chopin adds: “Through BORN and Alkeon, our ambition is to transform B2B and B2C supply chains, by reinventing product research, transactions and relationships for these two communities. Stewart brings crucial and unique expertise to our executive leadership, which brings together the best minds in curation, commerce, community management and content. We will benefit from the knowledge of the culture and the brands he has acquired over the years, his in-depth understanding of commercial channels for many product categories, his in-depth editorial skills and his unparalleled network of brands and of creators. We are delighted to have him among us ”

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