With unparalleled breakthroughs in ease of use, capability and performance, the latest release forever changes the BPM game for all users and takes their experience to another level

BOC Group today unveiled ADONIS 11.0, a major update to their BPM suite, featuring a stunning redesign in UI across the board, and a completely reimagined user experience. The new UX/UI transformation changes the way users interact with ADONIS, making their every step more direct and intuitive than ever, ultimately delivering a faster and easier way of doing BPM for everyone. Especially in times like these when streamlined and flexible business practices have been paramount, the latest changes provide a great opportunity for companies to get employees on board, find larger process acceptance, and come together to help maintain business continuity and resilience during the current crisis.

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“ADONIS 11.0 marks an exciting new beginning for ADONIS users. Its unmatched simplicity truly makes daily work feel incredibly seamless and smooth, making your entire BPM experience more immersive and engaging than ever. I believe this will not only transform the way existing users do BPM, but also achieve our goal of inspiring more people across companies to finally catch on to the BPM fever” says Tobias Rausch, ADONIS product manager.

What’s more, the latest release brings a number of other improvements, like the SIPOC widget for Process Insights Dashboard, allowing users to get the big picture view and understand the context of their processes even faster.

A detailed insight into the latest release is available on the BOC Group website.