Blix Launches Integrated Calendar for BlueMail to Expand its Suite of Productivity Tools

Blix , Integrated Calendar, BlueMail , Suite of Productivity Tools

Blix Inc., a leading provider of messaging solutions to consumers and businesses, announced the general availability of its Integrated Calendar on its popular multi-platform email service, BlueMail.

With seamless integration into the existing user experience, users can intuitively sync both email and calendar across multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux. Calendar providers including Office365, Exchange, Google Suite, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL are all supported.

Calendar data is securely synced to the user’s device without ever passing through a third-party server, ensuring peace of mind. BlueMail users can upgrade to the latest version of the app and start using the Integrated Calendar without the need for any configuration.

“BlueMail is constantly growing and evolving as we work to build a comprehensive experience for everyday communications,” said Dan Volach, co-founder at Blix. “Today, users can benefit from a combined mail and calendar app for all their email accounts seamlessly without compromising on security or privacy.”

Brothers Dan and Ben Volach founded Blix with the vision to provide an innovative, universally compatible, uncompromisingly private and secure messaging experience for consumers and businesses. This startup is not the first they have led together; they also built Followap, an early pioneer of mobile messaging that had over 200 million subscribers at its peak and laid the technical foundation for today’s mobile messaging giants, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, QQ, and many others before it was acquired by Neustar.