Blis partners with Place Exchange to bring expanded digital out-of-home inventory to its platform


Blis, the integrated planning, buying and measurement platform, today announced a new partnership with Place Exchange, the leading independent SSP for programmatic out-of-home media, to expand the global digital out-of-home (DOOH) premium inventory in the Blis platform. The partnership will support Blis’ commitment to being a leading omnichannel brand partner.

Through this new strategic integration with Place Exchange, Blis’ clients can access additional premium DOOH inventory across all major venues and formats in the UK and throughout Europe, the US, Canada, and Latin America. By using Blis’ interactive planning, buying and measurement platform, Audience Explorer, clients can layer location, lifestyle, telco, spending and other rich anonymised data to create richer target audiences to buy the digital out-of-home placements most relevant to their campaign goals.

“We are thrilled to partner with Place Exchange to add more premium DOOH inventory to our platform,” said Amy Fox, VP Product at Blis. “We have joined forces to provide our clients with a powerful solution that combines Blis’ precise geo data and rich third-party audience data with Place Exchange’s quality DOOH inventory. This collaboration enables our clients to reach the most relevant out-of-home audiences, making Blis a true brand campaign partner. With additional out-of-home inventory now available on our platform, clients can create truly omnichannel campaigns using Blis’ proprietary planning, buying and measurement platform, Audience Explorer, all in one go.”

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Blis has recently expanded its platform to include DOOH inventory. This new addition allows clients to plan and buy DOOH alongside display, video, audio, and CTV inventory using the most robust datasets in one integrated platform. The partnership between Blis and Place Exchange is unique because it leverages Audience Explorer to layer other data signals, including clients’ first-party data to inform fully integrated DOOH planning and buying that is part of a broader omnichannel media plan. With this integration, clients can create more cohesive omnichannel campaigns, making Blis a true brand campaign partner by delivering a fully omnichannel offering.

“Our collaboration with Blis will allow us to expand the reach of Place Exchange’s global high-quality DOOH supply footprint to a wider audience of media planners and buyers,” said Haley McClernon, VP of Demand Partnerships at Place Exchange. “We are seeing a dramatic uptick in advertisers including DOOH in omnichannel campaigns, as planning, targeting and measurement capabilities for DOOH have become on par with other programmatic channels, and we are excited to enable Blis clients to take advantage of this high-impact physical medium alongside other programmatic executions across multiple markets.”

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