Blaze Verify, popular email verification solution, partners with eCommerce email marketing automation tool, Sendlane, to protect sender reputation and secure inbox placement. The partnership enables Sendlane users to get the most out of the email addresses on their lists through real-time, user-friendly list cleaning solutions.

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The success of any email marketing campaign relies on recipients viewing the email in the first place. If a list has gone without being cleaned, the percentage of emails that are undeliverable rises and leads to an increase in bounce rates. Amongst the many consequences of high bounce includes a jeopardized sender reputation, which causes emails to end up in the spam folder. An important step of a successful email campaign is email verification which identifies undeliverable emails and permits businesses to engage only with real, deliverable email addresses. Blaze Verify’s email verification solutions simplify list cleaning by providing user-friendly and affordable email verification to businesses of all sizes. Their solutions provide in-depth information on the health of a business’s data, as well as extra information such as gender, name, and more.

Regarding the partnership, Sendlane CEO, Jimmy Kim says, “By combining our data-driven email marketing automation platform with a tool like Blaze Verify, we’re enabling Sendlane users to send smarter emails and improve their overall email deliverability.”

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Sean Heilweil, Blaze Verify CEO, shared his take on the union stating, “Regularly cleaned email lists are an essential component of any successful email marketing campaign. We’re excited to partner with Sendlane to make email verification more accessible for their users and enable them to increase email marketing ROI.”