Blaze Verify and TheChecker Announce Rebranding, Changes Name to Emailable

Blaze Verify and TheChecker Announce Rebranding_ Changes Name to Emailable-01

Blaze Verify and TheChecker, creators of the world’s leading email verification providers, have completed an extensive rebranding effort following a January acquisition announcement made by the two organizations and their parent company, Cache Ventures.

At the core of this rebranding is a change of the company name to Emailable as they begin to position themselves as a market leader in email deliverability solutions. By combining verification strategies, existing infrastructure, industry knowledge, and experience, Emailable now has the advantage of enhanced capabilities, while providing their customers with even more reliable results than ever before.

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“The launch of Emailable is the start of an exciting new chapter for us,” Chief Executive Officer Sean Heilweil said. “We will continue to bring the same reliability, ease of use, and affordability that Blaze Verify is known for, all while strengthening our strategies and enhancing performance as we merge with TheChecker.”

Emailable will continue to build new solutions and integrations that make email deliverability accessible to businesses of all sizes while maintaining the same accuracy Blaze Verify and TheChecker are known for.

Chief Product Officer, Bernardo Rocha, said, “We’re taking email deliverability to the next level with the launch of Emailable. Offering automated email verification and seamless integrations makes list cleaning super easy, all while our pricing remains affordable enough that any business can use.”

Both teams will remain active to facilitate growth and continue to push Emailable to new heights. The team stretches across three continents and four time zones, allowing Emailable to offer 24/7 customer support. Emailable is proud to have a diverse and inclusive team, helping to push creativity and innovation.

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