Blackhawk Network Announces New End-to-End eGift and Gift Card Issuance and Program Management Solution

Blackhawk Network Announces New End-to-End eGift and Gift Card Issuance and Program Management Solution

Brands can now fully outsource their gift card program and maximize program potential thanks to Blackhawk’s expertise and vast network

Today, global branded payments provider Blackhawk Network announced it has launched its Issuance and Program Management Solution, which enables brands to fully outsource their gift card and eGift programs. With omnichannel distribution, gift cards can drive new customer acquisition and brand awareness, increased shopper frequency and spend, and larger basket sizes. By leveraging Blackhawk’s resources expertise, brands can optimize their programs while limiting their internal costs and support structure. This offering is an extension of the gift card services Blackhawk has long provided as a leader in first- and third-party gift card and eGift solutions. Adding eGift and gift card issuance to Blackhawk’s capabilities mix has created truly end-to-end services for its customers.

Blackhawk’s Issuance and Program Management Solution provides a holistic gift card program execution for brands with existing gift card programs; it can also support new gift card program launches and ongoing gift card management and optimization. For partners, Blackhawk can manage issuance, card and code production, processing, fulfillment, inventory management, settlement, and gift card customer service.

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Blackhawk connects brands with a vast network that includes more than 10,000 corporate B2B buyers and 200,000 global retail distribution points.

“We have seen a surge in digital wallet adoption across the globe over the last few months, and it’s clear that consumers increasingly prefer eCommerce and contactless in-store payment experiences. Our eGift and Gift Card Issuance and Management Solution can help our partners meet consumers’ desire to go digital since both types of cards can be spent online, uploaded to a mobile wallet or even printed for in-store, touchless scanning,” said Jeff Haughton, SVP, Incentives, Corporate Strategy & Development. “Gift card programs can provide businesses with a substantial boost to the bottom line—especially vital for organizations looking for new ways to stimulate growth and streamline operations. Extending our robust suite of digital-friendly solutions to support our partners provides them with unmatched resources at a global level; our new Issuance and Program Management Solution taps into the best practices and infrastructure across more than 1,000 brands in 28 countries.”

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Businesses leveraging Blackhawk’s expanded capabilities can vary from digital native and clicks-and-bricks retailers, large retail, restaurant and service industry brands, and other businesses looking to maximize gift card program output. Among the businesses currently leveraging Blackhawk’s issuance and program management solutions is The Honest Company—a mission-driven consumer products company dedicated to empowering people to live happy, healthy lives—which partners with Blackhawk for all of its eGift and gift card needs.

Blackhawk’s Issuance and Program Management Solution is enabled by its recent acquisition of Illinois-based SVM, a leading provider of open and closed loop gift card solutions

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