Benefitfocus Delivers Enhanced Digital Resources to Advance the Benefits Shopping Experience and Employee Communication

Benefitfocus Delivers Enhanced Digital Resources to Advance the Benefits Shopping Experience and Employee Communication

Updated experience components and easier access to Benefit Catalog help users select benefits with confidence

Benefitfocus, Inc., a technology platform provider enabling rapid innovation for employers, health plans and consumers, today announced the release of several platform enhancements that continue to advance the market-leading features of its enrollment solutions. These enhancements are designed to enable employers and individuals to have greater confidence in the benefits selections they make, improve communications during that process, and to meet their changing needs during the time of COVID-19.

“Benefitfocus associates have continued their efforts, even while working from home during this pandemic, to ensure our solutions bring new innovation with the high quality our customers expect,” said Benefitfocus CTO Jim Restivo. “These enhanced capabilities support our mission of improving lives with benefits by delivering a more streamlined enrollment experience. This is especially important because of the unique working and living environments our customers may face due to COVID-19.”

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Enhancements Across the Ecosystem
These enhancements are some of the latest examples of Benefitfocus’ ongoing mission to provide a best-in-class experience for all users of its platform. All of these improved functions are provided at no additional cost to Benefitfocus customers.


  • Improved benefit election experience: The experience of shopping at any time for benefits and using the self-payment option is designed to be easier to navigate, having been moved up in the consumer workflow during initial and open enrollment. Consumers are making purchases throughout the year, so the all-new streamlined payment experience enables consumers to purchase products through the self-pay option anytime, which allows consumers to pay for benefit products outside of payroll deduction.
  • Improved mobile app functionality: Employers can now present plan documents, videos and other valuable resources within the app to help an employee understand more about a specific available product and the value it provides. This feature enhances the channels of communication available to employers around the virtues of their benefits offerings.

Benefits Administrators

  • Increased Transparency: Case Manager gives HR Administrators the ability to view all support cases and interactions related to a single individual. Administrators gain insight into phone calls, emails and even chat conversations that have transpired between Benefitfocus and the employee, allowing for full transparency into all interactions related to a single employee.
  • Expanded Data-Driven Messaging: The Smart Moment Template Library, available within the Community Resource Center, is a collection of pre-built, formatted and stylized communications assets. HR administrators can use these templates to quickly and easily communicate regarding available benefits to employees. The library will be refreshed with new content throughout the year.
  • Improved Usability of Employee Communication Tools: The Smart Moment Console, available to all HR administrators, has received several enhancements, including:
    • Deep links: HR administrators can use the deep link feature for SMS/text and emails to specify precisely where in the system a consumer needs to take a requested action.
    • URL shortening: Links included in text messages will be automatically shortened to increase the number of characters available in text messages sent through the Smart Moment Console.