Beeyonder Unveils Brand Relaunch with a Reinvigorated Vision

Beeyonder Unveils Brand Relaunch with a Reinvigorated Vision
Beeyonder Unveils Brand Relaunch with a Reinvigorated Vision

Beeyonder, the premier virtual tour platform revolutionizing the way companies and people think about travel, today announced the completion of its rebranding initiative. This fresh relaunch includes enhancements to Beeyonder’s website, a new vision, and a signature logo, all while keeping a customer-centric experience in focus.

Leveraging its deep experience in the virtual travel industry, Beeyonder’s relaunch is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing organizations the chance to discover stories of the world and unique possibilities without the complexities that surround physical travel.

“We are excited to launch the new Beeyonder experience,” said Brittany Palmer, founder, and CEO of Beeyonder. “We want to bring true equal access to travel. Consumers demand and deserve the best virtual tour experiences, regardless of their ability to travel. Beeyonder’s goal is to provide everyone an accessible, inclusive, and inspiring experience, wherever they may be.”

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In addition to providing tours to senior organizations, schools, and libraries, among others, Beeyonder has seen significant interest from corporations for team bonding and employee perks. The current workforce spans five generations, ranging from the Silent Generation, all the way to Generation Z, so finding a single perk that can match each of their expectations can be daunting. By incorporating live and interactive virtual tours, Beeyonder users experience the benefits of traveling, such as discovering new unforgettable locations, building unique bonds, or igniting that creative spark.

Through vetted and qualified local guides, Beeyonder offers over 350 unique touring experiences across more than 55 countries. These expert guides take guests on remarkable, immersive adventures, tell captivating stories about their locations, and invite them to ask questions in real-time and get an inside look into new cultures they otherwise might never experience. These interactive tours are created for people, by people, to share thoughts and easily gain new experiences.

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