A new report indicates more companies are now focusing on boosting customer experience to drive sales.

Digital transformation is now a matter of better CX, rather than cost saving, higher efficiencies etc., that was cited till now, according to a new report, “The 2019 FPX Digital Transformation Study” is based on online surveys of 229 U.S.-based B2B decision makers in a range of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, health care and telecommunications, working in companies having at least $25 million in revenue. According to the report, the focus has moved from improving internal processes to delivering a better customer experience.

In the survey conducted, more than half – 58 %, of the respondents working on digital transformation, said that a key goal is providing a better buying experience for customers.

Almost all, 95 percent of all respondents agree or strongly agree that “digital transformation funds are best spent on improving the buyer experience.” To stress on this outlook, 98 percent said that enhancing the buyer experience is the best way to drive sales. In addition, 93 percent of respondents said that B2B buyers would prefer a tool to research products and receive quotes, even before a direct sales contact.

The overall learning from the survey is that B2B businesses while becoming digital, are now looking more at ways to improve customer experience. This is contrary to a pre-survey hypothesis that most organizations want to focus on internal processes when they undertake a digital transformation initiative. It is about the idea that a majority of B2B companies emphasize their digital customer experience, which is where marketing is largely about providing tools and resources for customers to asses products by themselves. That, apparently, is a more rewarding goal.