Aviso, the only AI Revenue Intelligence platform for virtual selling that closes the loop from predictive forecasting to deal guidance, has launched new purpose-built AI solutions for Financial Services, Life Sciences and Pharma, and High-Tech industries, and an integrated AI Virtual Selling and Conversational Intelligence solution available for customers at a fraction of the cost of single-purpose sales recording tools like Gong and Chorus. These developments come at the heels of a strong Q3 for Aviso, with additional funding, 8 patent filings in the third quarter, and key customer wins.

“In the remote-first world, every CRO I speak with is looking to AI for unprecedented visibility and performance gains from their virtual revenue teams”, said Trevor Rodrigues-Templar, president and CEO, Aviso. “And Aviso is bringing revenue acceleration to help customers fuel innovation despite a pandemic. With Aviso’s AI operating system and purpose-built industry-specific solutions, businesses can digitally transform their revenue operations and build a stronger foundation for sustained growth”.

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Aviso has been working closely with its global customer base of leaders like Dell, Honeywell, Nuance, Microsoft, GitHub, and RingCentral to develop new virtual solutions including ones that do not require companies to have an underlying CRM to drive virtual selling. Instead, Aviso connects conversational intelligence to activity intelligence, people intelligence, and CRM for its customers. Compared to Aviso’s advanced sentiment analysis with NLP tone inflection insights, most single-purpose sales recording tools (costing as much as CRM itself!) cannot associate conversations directly to CRM opportunities or even provide basic keyword analysis and time metrics.

Additionally, Aviso is working with beta customers of its industry AI solutions, and will work with strategic partners to support and integrate solutions in the customer environment.

  • Financial Services AI solution: Designed for Financial Advisors, Investment Banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital teams, Aviso Financial Services AI solutions helps advisory teams retain and grow their book of business while enabling superior digital experiences for high-net worth and institutional clients.
  • Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals AI solutions: Designed for Reps, Healthcare Providers, Medical Sales Liaisons and other participants, Aviso Pharma AI solutions help institutions better manage portfolios, drive seamless digital experiences and outcomes.
  • High-Technology sales teams: Designed for field and inside sales reps, Aviso High Tech AI solutions help sales teams prioritize CRM opportunities, drive accurate forecasts, and gain virtual selling intelligence.

Aviso’s AI Virtual Team Selling solution is purpose built for deep sales collaboration while enabling intelligence across deals and deal teams. Customers can use these capabilities alongside or independent of Aviso’s 98%+ accurate predictive forecasting. It includes:

  • Always-on AI Sales workspace designed to include every member of a revenue team
  • Sales Channels for internal collaboration via custom Deal, Forecast, Coaching Rooms
  • Customer and Partner Channels for external collaboration
  • Conversational Intelligence that goes beyond simple keyword analysis, and includes sentiment analysis of valence, hyperbole, and a customizable keyword corpus
  • Embedded video and audio meeting capabilities, as well as seamless integrations with Zoom, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, and other video conferencing providers
  • AI generates SmartTranscripts and Meeting Auto Summarization for all internal and external video or audio meetings
  • Rich experiences with To-Dos, Screen Sharing, & Documents (best of Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, WebEx)
  • E-Signature & Approval Workflows

Aviso also announced new technology integration partnerships in four new areas to further strengthen its AI guidance capabilities on the core revenue operations platform. Aviso’s Workflow Partnerships include companies like Outreach, SalesLoft, Gong, and Chorus. These tools integrate with Aviso’s AI engine to produce richer insights for users. Aviso’s Consulting Partners like the Challenger Group and The Revenue Enablement Institute work with Aviso to bring together predictive machine learning expertise and the best-in-class process playbooks for digital sales transformation. Aviso’s CRM Partners like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and more serve as customer and sales data sources for the core platform. Aviso’s platform is agnostic to CRM data, unlike many other players in the market.