Flagship Conversion Optimization Platform to Work Seamlessly with Popular e-Commerce Software

Avatria, a digital commerce firm and developer of innovative e-commerce solutions, today announced that its flagship platform Convert now seamlessly integrates with Shopify. Recently launched, Avatria Convert helps online retailers increase their e-commerce conversion rates, adding intelligence to category pages in order to help customers find what they need.

Shopify and Shopify Plus users can now onboard Avatria Convert at the click of a button with no issues or disruptions, as Convert assures seamless sort order optimization for items on any eCommerce site.  The Shopify implementation takes 30 minutes or less and requires no developers or coding, while present and future updates occur automatically.

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Additional integration highlights include:

  • Update Schedules – Shopify users have access to fully customizable update schedules, as they can choose the frequency, day, and hours updates will occur to maximize site performance.
  • Product Positioning Groups –Users have granular configuration options for full control over update rules, schedules, and optimization strategies for different sets of product categories and lists.

“As we see further adoption of Avatria Convert, we want to make sure that we can support easy integration with our customers’ most utilized e-commerce platforms, so it made sense for us that the next step would be Shopify,” said Harry Thakkar, Partner at Avatria. “With this integration complete, all current and prospective Avatria clients on Shopify can seamlessly set up Convert in a matter of minutes, which will allow them to start seeing the benefits of the platform almost immediately.”

Avatria Convert works by utilizing a company’s existing Google Analytics data and machine learning to identify the products that are most likely to be purchased, then updates the site to assure that customers see the most relevant results at the top of the page. Convert generates its rankings via a proprietary algorithm that looks at over 40 different product, sales and customer behavior metrics.

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