Regulatory News: AudioValley (Paris:ALAVY) (Brussels:ALAVY), an international specialist in BtoB digital audio solutions (ISIN Code: BE0974334667/Ticker: ALAVY) is today announcing the signature of a strategic partnership between Jamendo, its wholly-owned subsidiary which manages the rights and marketing of music licences, and Adobe, the global benchmark in video, photo and audio editing software.

On its fifth birthday, Adobe Stock is announcing the integration of audio content into its Premiere Pro software. Under the partnership, Adobe Stock will have the use of Jamendo’s music library containing thousands of tracks. This means that Adobe Stock will now offer clients an all-in-one solution for the creation of their video, photo and audio content.

The partnership will help to increase revenue streams for Jamendo and its musicians and enable them to benefit from increased visibility at an international level. It is also a recognition of Jamendo’s achievement in using its technological platform to build one of the largest musical content offerings.

“This partnership with Adobe will benefit both Jamendo and the community of artists we represent.” says Jocelyn Seilles, CEO of Jamendo, “We are very keen to embark on this adventure. Adobe has a history of successful products and innovation that have become the standard in its sector. We believe that the artists we represent deserve their place in this history.“