Athos Insurance and Neural Experience (NX) have reached an agreement to integrate NX’s revolutionary “Project Captain” Project Management methodology into the existing software development workflow of Athos. The partnership also includes SEO optimization and performance advertising campaigns, a key service that seeks to better connect search engine keywords to actual buyer intent for Athos customers. The partnership makes Athos, NX’s exclusive partner in entertainment insurance.

Do you need a Chief Customer Officer?

NX’s Project Captain is inspired by the role of a team captain in sports. It’s a neurogenetics-based operational methodology that was built to conform to how people best operate and work. Team Captain is known to reduce project development costs, organize internal and external teams, and operate as an in-house turnkey project manager. The goal is to improve efficiency within a team.

Project Captain is designed to integrate best with how developers learn and operate as a virtual liaison between teams while also keeping them organized for maximum productivity.

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