AT Internet partners with Piano to form the industry’s first customer experience platform based on contextual analysis

AT Internet partners with Piano to form the industry's first customer experience platform based on contextual analysis-01

Piano, the global subscription-based commerce and customer experience platform, today announced that it has partnered with AT Internet,  a French leader in digital analytics and contextual data.

The combination of AT Internet and Piano is a milestone for the industry as it is the first time that a world-class digital analytics solution has been combined with path orchestration and personalized commerce to transform data into experiences for customers.

Solutions from these companies are already the foundation for hundreds of leading publishing and digital media brands, including British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Deutsche Telekom, NBC Sports, The Wall Street Journal and The Weather Company (IBM). AT Internet also provides services to clients in various other industries, including retail, finance, administration and transportation. Together, the two companies will analyze and personalize more than 145 billion web pages per month, and deliver native app experiences on mobiles, televisions, smart speakers and other platforms.

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“Historically, analytics and customer journey tools have worked separately, so an integrated offering from Piano and AT Internet presents a tremendous opportunity for all of our customers to improve their understanding of audiences and deliver personalized experiences.” said Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Piano. “Since our inception, Piano has focused on helping the world’s largest digital properties achieve transparency and agility, and AT Internet’s capabilities will help us to further accelerate this mission. ”

Founded in 1996, AT Internet enables organizations to effectively measure and analyze how visitors arrive on their digital platforms, as well as their subsequent actions and behaviors. Customers can then visualize that data in dashboards and reports to share across the company, as well as integrate it with dozens of other digital marketing applications. Additionally, data managed by AT Internet helps organizations achieve and maintain privacy compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. AT Internet’s products have been recognized worldwide as benchmarks for digital analysis in numerous Forrester Wave ™ reports.

“The merger of our two organizations is an exciting chapter in the history of our company and its prominence in the digital analytics industry,” said Mathieu Llorens, CEO of AT Internet. “This next chapter with Piano will allow AT Internet to invest more resources and drive the expansion of our current products, as well as help more organizations leverage values ​​and analytics segments to deliver a customer experience. personalized. ”

The combination of these two powerful technologies is an industry first as it enables marketing, data and digital product teams to:

  • capture high-quality, granular data on customer behavior at scale;
  • combine event data with advertising revenue, subscription transactions, content analytics, and customer profile data (CDP);
  • use data to segment customers and to visualize and orchestrate the customer journey in real time.

AT Internet has more than 200 employees, mainly in France and Europe , and will continue to serve its customers independently, while relying on Piano’s sites in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the United States. Japan to develop its international presence. The combined revenues of the two organizations and their 600 employees will be widely represented in Europe , with around 55% of revenues coming from European customers, while continuing their strong commitment to support European regulations on privacy protection and storage of data. data. In addition, Mathieu Llorens, CEO of AT Internet, will retain his leadership role while becoming a major shareholder of Piano.

The transaction includes a cash and stock swap, with funding provided by Updata Partners ,  Rittenhouse Ventures  and  Sixth Street Partners,  and results in Piano’s acquisition of 100% of AT Internet’s shares. GCA Advisors  was Piano’s exclusive financial advisor for this transaction, while Pagemill Partners, a division of Duff & Phelps, was AT Internet’s exclusive financial advisor.