TradeStation Group, Inc. (“TradeStation”), a Monex Group company, announced a sponsorship with TradeOff Technologies, LLC (“TradeOff”), a fantasy stock trading platform. As the financial industry continues to identify new ways to reach millennials, TradeOff is leveraging the soaring popularity of online gaming to help bring financial literacy and education to new investors and traders in an interesting, simulated trading environment.

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Research has shown that many young adults, especially millennials, lack financial literacy, and are investment averse*.  The online investment industry wants to engage this generation, but the traditional tactics don’t appear to be cutting it. With support from TradeStation’s sponsorship, TradeOff is taking a bold approach that focuses on advancing financial literacy, establishing trust and making trading more accessible – and less intimidating.

“The demographics of investing and self-directed trading continue to transform, and millennials specifically remain a very untapped market demographic. We believe that for trading to resonate with this generation, we need to find more progressive ways that meet them where they are,” said John Bartleman, President of TradeStation Group, Inc. “Gaming culture is more popular than ever, and TradeStation is excited to sponsor TradeOff’s game. This sponsorship helps TradeOff deliver a hands-on trading experience that’s engaging, familiar and helps reduce the fear of trading.”

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Through the game, players can compete with robots or other traders in a simulated trading environment. The goal is to make as much simulated money as possible in a three-minute simulation based on real historical market data. The game brings a pipeline of new games and topics to potential traders. Currently, TradeStation is sponsoring TradeOff’s “Titans of Trade” game where users have the chance to win cash prizes every week. The TradeOff is also working with three well-known gaming influencers to showcase the similarities between trading and gaming.