Arkieva Releases Their New Machine Learning Forecasting And ROI Tool, Swifcast

Machine Learning Forecasting And ROI Tool

Arkieva, Inc., a leading designer, and provider of the Arkieva suite of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software tools for manufacturing companies today announced the launch of their new machine learning forecasting and ROI tool, Swifcast. Swifcast is the only app that allows users to load historical supply chain data and get both an actionable demand forecast and an ROI to prove the business case for transforming an organization’s approach to predicting future demand.

Swifcast intends to help supply chain practitioners and the corner office better understand the intersection of technology and financial results, alleviating concerns over making changes to business process without a firm feel for the outcome.

“We have had hundreds of conversations with customers and prospects over how to prove ROI and how generic some underlying assumptions are,” says Ernie Untereiner, Arkieva’s Director of Sales and Marketing, “We set out to build a tool that would use the client’s historical data to provide a personalized ROI and forecast. Our goal is to empower planners to have the data points that they need to create business case justification for management to invest in the organization’s planning future.”

Swifcast is a cloud-based solution that is free to the public. The hope is that the information provided by Swifcast will help supply chain leaders accelerate their move away from cumbersome Excel-based forecasting and begin to model demand using ML-based applications. The ROI calculation in Swifcast takes this outcome and helps the user understand the impact of improved forecast accuracy on the overall business