Appy Pie Website Builder is now 3 times faster & even more reliable

Appy Pie Website Builder

A trusted partner of many online small businesses worldwide, Appy Pie recently improved the performance of its website builder platform, making it faster and more reliable like never before. Engineered with next-generation functionality, Appy Pie’s website builder lets you create fast, and good-looking websites in minimal time. The website builder comes with 100+ unique features.

This website builder provides advanced features like one-tap access, offline editing capabilities, real-time updates, data encryption and much more. It also allows you to choose from hundreds of customizable website design layouts and is up to date with the latest trends. You can add features to your website using a simple drag and drop functionality on the platform. The software makes websites with clean backend dynamics to ensure that lag does not spoil the user experience. All websites built on Appy Pie are light, work offline and consume less data providing delightful user experience.

“A website is a basic need for a business. Websites represent the brand of a business in today’s online-first scenario. Without a website, it is difficult for a business to function in any conceivable business niche. However, websites are usually expensive to create and maintain which is why most businesses are not able to create websites for their business. This is where Appy Pie’s Website Builder comes in. We provide all businesses a simple & affordable DIY website building tool which you can use to create your own website without any coding,” says CEO Scot Small.

Appy Pie’s Website Builder is an excellent solution to a common problem faced by many businesses. It helps you create an excellent website with minimal effort. A definite no-brainer choice for business! Appy Pie is well known for its DIY no-code app builder, a workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect which can be used to scale your websites with automation efficiently, and a no-code Chatbot Builder.