Appy Pie is all set to make 2020 big for small businesses and is working towards bringing a smart and DIY design solution. Graphic design is a difficult craft to master. To excel at it, a designer must be proficient, have an eye for aesthetics and be able to afford expensive software. However, with technology evolving consistently, Appy Pie has found the perfect solution for this conundrum with its new, soon to be launched platform – Design Studio.

Currently, under testing, Appy Pie’s Design Studio will be launched in 2020 and will allow users to design app splash screens, website backgrounds, posters, presentations and much more. It is a completely DIY graphic design and creation software that requires no design skills to be learned and mastered. It is extremely user-friendly and can be enjoyed by both professional designers and beginners with little to no proficiency.

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Most of the graphic design software is clunky, cluttered and difficult to understand and use effectively. Appy Pie’s Design Studio, on the contrary, has a clean and minimal interface with an ergonomic dashboard meant to bring out the designer in you. One could create a beautiful design within minutes.

Design Studio offers a variety of kits and layouts for various objects and provides aesthetically-pleasing and functional design templates. It comes with a proprietary Color Wheel tool created to find the perfect color balance that all designers can use. The interface is accompanied by a simple drag-n-drop interface which can be used to add various design elements as per the needs of the design. Appy Pie will also offer advanced tutorials to help new users get comfortable with designing graphics using this unique platform.

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“Graphic design software is often unaffordable for small businesses. On top of that, the use of graphic design software is often restricted to select people due to its complexity. With Appy Pie’s Design Studio, we make it simple for all individuals and businesses to have attractive graphics for their brands. Never has designing graphics been this easy. Imagination needs the right tools to come to reality and with this unique new Design Studio, turning your imagination to reality is as easy as pie,” said Scot Small, CEO of Appy Pie.