Applause Product Excellence Platform Empowers Brands to Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences

Applause Product Excellence Platform Empowers Brands to Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences

Applause, the worldwide leader in enabling digital quality, today launched its first-of-a-kind Product Excellence Platform (PEP). The PEP provides the comprehensive approach to quality that brands need to deliver exceptional digital experiences to their end users.

It does so by combining world-class software products, an enterprise-grade SaaS testing infrastructure, a wide range of digital testing solutions and access to the world’s largest community of digital experts. This harmonized approach gives brands the insights and expertise they need to release their digital assets with greater velocity and confidence.

Digital experiences are the principal ways that brands connect with their customers, a trend that was only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Product Excellence Platform gives brands the unparalleled insight into the quality and completeness of their digital assets that they need to meet the demands of today’s end users.

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“Customers today are won and lost through digital experiences. That is why the quality of digital assets – mobile apps, websites, voice-driven experiences and more – is critical to get right,” said Doron Reuveni, Applause’s CEO, Founder and Chairman of the Board. “To meet these needs, Applause continues to disrupt the testing market, having evolved from a services and solutions company to one that delivers a complete platform for driving product excellence. While others offer point tools, the PEP is the first holistic answer for digital quality and product excellence for the enterprise. This focus on quality and exceptionalism helps our clients ensure their end users keep coming back to the digital experiences they love.”

The Applause Product Excellence Platform is completely open and integrates with clients’ existing processes for ease of use. It is built on five core pillars:

  1. SaaS Products: Offerings currently include the Applause Codeless Automation and Bring Your Own Testers (BYOT) SaaS products. Later this year, a test case management product will also launch, meeting a range of diverse client needs.
  2. Multi-Point Testing Solutions: Fully integrated functional testing capabilities and specialized testing work together as part of the PEP to solve for the complexities that exist across customer interactions and journeys.
  3. Deep Domain Expertise: Strong domain knowledge of a wide range of vertical industries and use cases, including retail, media & entertainment, financial services, travel & hospitality, healthcare and IoT.
  4. Enterprise-Class SaaS Infrastructure: The open and enterprise-class SaaS infrastructure that underpins the Product Excellence Platform integrates seamlessly into clients’ existing SDLC, testing and development processes to speed up testing and increase release velocity and confidence.
  5. Global Testing Community: Applause’s uTest community of digital experts serves as the foundation of the PEP, connecting the world’s innovators with the world’s users.

Today, Applause also announced two new offerings that expand the footprint of the Product Excellence Platform.

Applause Codeless Automation SaaS Product Generates Test Scripts Quickly and Easily

With the pace of change moving faster than ever, the quality of digital experiences and the speed at which they can be delivered has become paramount. Brands must get exceptional digital assets into the hands of their end users quicker than competitors, or they risk losing market share. This requirement for quality at the speed of development has led test automation to take on greater importance across all industries. However, building and maintaining a complete automation framework takes time, and hiring SDETs (Software Development Engineer in Test) – who are high in demand and low in supply – can be cost-prohibitive.

To address these needs, Applause today announced its new Applause Codeless Automation (ACA) SaaS product. ACA enables brands’ employees to create test automation scripts without writing a single line of code.

With ACA, any user can simply pick a device of their choice, and as they move through the test case, their actions are automatically recorded. The ACA product then translates that session into an automation script. This streamlined process results in increased speed, faster releases and reduced costs.

The new software offering lowers the barrier to entry to automation, accelerates teams’ ability to drive coverage and allows them to mature and scale their test automation capabilities. Seamless integration with leading environments through an open API enables teams to execute codeless test scripts on real devices for native Android and iOS mobile apps, with Web support coming soon. All issues are automatically captured and added to clients’ existing bug tracking systems, and scripts will comply with Appium and Selenium for ease of use.

“The Applause Codeless Automation product is something unique in the low-code/no-code testing space, as it is built for the enterprise – starting with the most advanced mobile support for both iOS and Android,” said Rob Mason, CTO of Applause. “ACA is valuable for multiple stakeholders – those responsible for business applications can use ACA to test apps without needing SDETs or outside help, and DevOps managers can import the test scripts generated by ACA into their existing pipelines. By addressing testing needs throughout organizations, ACA has the power to not only reduce the costs typically associated with automation, but it will also help brands get to full-fledged automation capabilities faster.”

To learn more about ACA, please contact Applause to receive a demo.

Applause In-Sprint Testing Helps Organizations Shift Testing Left and Close Development Tickets Faster

Applause In-Sprint Testing shifts testing further left in the SDLC so that issues are identified earlier on and can be fixed faster. This testing of features as they are being developed helps make the development and testing process more iterative and lowers the cost of bug fixes.

Applause’s API capabilities and two-way integration with clients’ bug tracking systems mean in-sprint testing can be executed entirely from within brands’ systems and processes. Developers can send new features to Applause for manual testing and receive feedback and results almost immediately.

This quick turnaround means teams can identify issues earlier in the process to avoid late-stage bug fixes and the higher costs that come with them, and developers don’t have to risk context switching or re-acclimating themselves to code from days or weeks earlier.

Applause is committed to delivering more value to clients through the Product Excellence Platform. As a result of this evolution to a platform company, new features, solutions and SaaS products will be announced throughout the year and integrated into the PEP.