Apisero’s Ascent Enters Stage 2 with Expanded Services and Additional Funding

Apisero's Ascent Enters Stage 2 with Expanded Services and Additional Funding (1)

Apisero, a trusted consulting partner and a leader in MuleSoft and Salesforce platform solutions for enterprise, commercial, and mid-market customers, today announced an investment from Salesforce Ventures that will enable Apisero with capital support to expand its services into new markets.

Building on a record-breaking year of growth, Apisero is scaling into the broader Salesforce ecosystem with a focus on industry clouds in the financial services and healthcare sector, and amplifying its reach in new geographies. The expanded services will allow Apisero to bring its exceptional quality of service to Salesforce customers, enabling them with the speed and agility they need to go digital faster.

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“MuleSoft partners serve as trusted advisors, helping customers adapt to unprecedented change and meet their biggest, most challenging digital transformation projects,” said Brent Hayward, CEO, MuleSoft. “We look forward to the continued growth of the MuleSoft Americas Growth and Emerging Partner of the Year recipient – Apisero – and are proud to celebrate the success of all of our partners as they drive the adoption of application networks and help customers realize new connected experiences.”

Since the beginning of 2020, Apisero has seen a 300% organic increase in its overall customer acquisition, and 2.2X year-over-year revenue growth. Anticipated figures show the organization eclipsing 1,000 employees by the end of Q4, for a combined employee growth per annum of 400% when compared to data from Q4 ’19.

“The investment from Salesforce Ventures both strengthens Apisero’s partnership with MuleSoft – allowing the two to better serve joint customers – and provides additional capital to greatly accelerate our Salesforce practice.  It’s an incredibly exciting time as we expand into new geographies and build industry-specific cloud offerings that help our customers accelerate time-to-value” — Vijay Rao, CEO and Founder, Apisero.

Several notable achievements helped fuel the company’s rapid acceleration as an industry titan, including its Premier Partnership with MuleSoft, the launch of Apisero’s MuleThrive™ program, and earning recognition as a MuleSoft Partner of the Year in early August.

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In addition, the nascent expansion of Apisero’s practice into the Salesforce Partner ecosystem equips the company to explore new markets through an integrated suite of Salesforce service capabilities that deliver quicker, faster, and more targeted business outcomes using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™.