Ansira Completes the Acquisition of CDK Digital Marketing Business

Ansira, CDK Digital Marketing Business
Ansira Completes the Acquisition of CDK Digital Marketing Business

Ansira Partners, Inc. (“Ansira”), an independent global marketing services and solutions company announced the completion of the acquisition of the CDK Global Digital Marketing Business, which has been rebranded as Sincro.

The agreement to acquire the company was signed on February 18, 2020, and is inclusive of all assets of the CDK Global Digital Marketing Business, including all advertising solutions and website services.

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“The completion of the acquisition of Sincro further amplifies the breadth and depth of Ansira’s local marketing solutions, which is especially important today given the unprecedented change happening at the local level,” says Jay Dettling, chief executive officer, Ansira. “Sincro’s tagline is ‘local marketing, synchronized.’ That really resonates with me as we think about how we will work together to help support our clients. We look forward to a bright future for Sincro as they continue on their accelerated path of product development and services innovation as an Ansira company, sharing our passion for digital marketing technology solutions and services.”

Sincro, formerly CDK Digital Marketing Business, announced its rebranding today, tapping into the company’s roots in innovation and cross-function to inspire the name, while also evoking its commitment to synchronization. Sincro has a world-class technology stack purpose-built to grow brands and drive performance across the entire local digital ecosystem. Its dedicated team is in sync and aligned against a singular mission of delivering effective digital marketing solutions.

“Our top priority today is to help our customers navigate the impacts of COVID-19 and that immediate focus does not change,” said Jen Cole, president of Sincro.  “And we look forward to a strong future together with Ansira, partnering with our customers to deliver in-the-moment marketing that helps dealers maximize lifetime customer value, drive efficiency and performance across digital channels, and promote their brands, their way in their local markets.”

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Sincro is equipped with powerful, highly customizable websites and a digital marketing technology platform that works together to improve the customer experience and drive more than 83 million monthly unique visitors across a multi-tiered automotive landscape. In addition to offering solutions for websites, advertising, digital consulting, earned marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social product lines, Sincro’s newly refreshed platform delivers an enhanced user experience with new features and improved dealer usability.

Sincro has a team of more than 175 representatives in the field to call on dealers in the market, dedicated to responsiveness and consistent quality of service. Additionally, the company’s footprint in North America and India is focused on service and support around the clock and expands Ansira’s global presence.