Amperity, the first AI-powered Customer Data Management platform, announced the launch of Amperity Sandboxes. Taking inspiration from next-gen change management technologies like Github, Amperity Sandboxes is a sophisticated parallel environment that replicates the entire Amperity customer data workflow, from ingestion and resolution through segmentation and orchestration. This allows technical teams to safely and easily make changes to any element in their Amperity instance; test, validate, forecast the impact of these changes; and push changes live in seconds.

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Today’s brands need a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of their customers to fuel the critical insights and actions that drive the business forward. This includes informing key investment areas, tracking and improving core business metrics (i.e. total customer count, average customer lifetime value and order size, acquisition optimization by channel, long-term customer retention), ensuring compliance under strict CCPA and GDPR privacy regulations, and powering precise targeting and personalization across channels and experiences. According to Forrester, Amperity’s approach to customer data management results in 85% faster ingestion and integration of new data sources, and 80% productivity improvements for ongoing customer data management.

“Amperity isn’t just giving lip service to achieving the elusive Customer 360 view — we’re delivering it with unmatched completion, accuracy, and scale. We also understand the realities of your business and know that data, systems, and use cases change,”  said Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer of Amperity. “Because teams need to reshape their data foundation with new customer data sources, and integrate new execution channels, we’re giving them both a flexible data model that can be added to or updated any time, and a reliable toolset to make, monitor, and track changes. We’re ensuring the best possible outcomes with self-service testing and forecasting of changes so you can run your business with an always-complete and up-to-date view of your customer, without disruption.”

Within the Amperity Sandboxes parallel environment, technical teams can add new data sources, update Stitch configuration, and add, edit, or remove database tables or attributes, while the operational instance continues to power decisions and campaigns. Amperity Sandboxes allows for easy updates and maintenance, agility, and a reliable and stable foundation that’s always current and complete.

“In our business as Systems Integrators, we’re seeing incredible growth in the speed, scale, and complexity of customer data. This is great in terms of brands’ ability to understand their customers, but results in existing tools that are costly and painfully inadequate — struggling with scale, requiring hand-written ETL and rules to join data, and offering very limited functionality to manage change in a reliable way,” said Jake Bennett, Solution Principal at Slalom. “Because Amperity is built on modern cloud infrastructure that scales to the demands of enterprise brands, we no longer have to choose between something that was easy for analytics and marketing or something that has the scale, compliance, and controls of the most demanding data systems. Amperity gives us the best of both.”

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