Amperity and Snowflake Data Marketplace Partner To Power Smooth Connections Between Customer 360 Data and External Tools

Amperity and Snowflake Data Marketplace Partner To Power Smooth Connections Between Customer 360 Data and External Tools

Amperity, the leading customer data and identity platform, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the cloud data platform. The partnership will bolster the versatility of Amperity’s Customer 360 by leveraging Snowflake’s single, integrated platform to easily transform and analyze all of their data. Through the partnership, Amperity becomes the latest company to join the Snowflake Data Marketplace, a new marketplace built to improve control and security related to exchanging data and to make the integration and query of data seamless.

“We are excited to welcome Amperity to the Snowflake Data Marketplace,” said Justin Langseth CTO at Snowflake. “Through the Data Marketplace, Amperity’s customers will have a secure and accessible environment in which to build upon their customer data foundation, layering on the analytics and tools that can extend those insights across their operations.”

Amperity takes customer data from any source in raw form, and de-duplicates, unifies, and merges records to offer brands the most comprehensive and accurate view of their customers. With Amperity and Snowflake, brands can now use Amperity’s Customer 360 to accelerate their analytics, app development, and reporting through preferred tools such as Tableau or Power BI, or facilitate any application of data that helps them better serve their customers.

“The Amperity-Snowflake partnership offers us ultimate flexibility in how we leverage Amperity’s single customer view to power Servco’s analytics and marketing,” said Peter Dooher, SVP of Digital at Servco Pacific. “We’re excited to use Snowflake to seamlessly flow data into our data visualization ecosystem and further democratize access to high-quality customer analytics across our teams.”

The partnership between Amperity and Snowflake will supercharge analytics and data visualization for participating brands, making it possible for them to build elegant models without hosting their own data storage.

“The consumer brands that Amperity serves are working hard to become more customer-centric across all of their operations,” said Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer at Amperity. “Our partnership with Snowflake is a major step toward removing barriers of the application of customer data to all aspects of the business.”

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