AMC Networks Becomes Founding Partner to Plug and Play’s Media & Advertising Program

AMC Networks

AMC Networks announced its partnership with Plug and Play to explore new technologies and invest in startups. Alongside other partners, AMC Networks will collaborate with Plug and Play Media & Advertising as a founding partner to support and establish their new ecosystem.

“AMC Networks has a remarkable history as an innovator in entertainment and advertising and we are excited to bring that tradition to Plug and Play’s Innovation Platform,” said Mac McKean, EVP of Innovation at AMC Networks. “We seek to deepen our connections to tech, service and product innovators, at startups and corporations alike. We expect these connections to spark fresh opportunities to serve viewers, advertisers and partners in new, paradigm-busting ways.”

AMC Networks has remained dedicated to creating and distributing bold and inventive stories fueled by the artistic vision of dynamic storytellers. On the advertising side, they have been a leader in innovative branded experiences for their advertisers – including branded storytelling that uses emerging consumer technologies like augmented reality. Today they join Plug and Play’s newest innovation platform focused on Media & Advertising to get a glimpse into what’s next for the space.

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“The advertising industry is at the junction of a tectonic shift of technology, consumers, culture, and communication. We have an incredible opportunity to explore new ideas and make a significant difference by collaborating as a group,” said Alex Mojtahedi, Head of Plug and Play Media & Advertising. “We are extremely excited for our partnership with AMC Networks and look forward to shaping the future of this industry with our partners.”

Plug and Play’s Media & Advertising program will run its first three-month accelerator through the start of 2020. Startups accepted into the program will meet one-on-one with the corporate partners to analyze opportunities for pilot projects, POCs, new customers, and investment.

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