Alpine Consulting and OroCommerce Announce Partnership to Enable eCommerce for Large B2B Businesses


Alpine Consulting, Inc., a leader in eCommerce strategy, implementations, and services, and Oro, Inc., a leading B2B eCommerce product company, have announced a strategic partnership. Alpine is excited to be part of this small and elite group of Oro partners.

Alpine, with over 20 years of success in eCommerce professional services, offers a team of highly experienced professionals focused on designing and implementing complex B2B eCommerce solutions.

“As we look forward to the future, we are excited about our new Oro partnership that will help enable the extensive eCommerce work we do. OroCommerce is a great foundation to help our existing and new clients exceed their Commerce goals. OroCommerce is a proven B2B platform that has performed well for many organizations. the platform provides many advanced B2B features that previously required expensive customization. Oro offers significant value for our B2B clients,” said Stan Duda, Alpine’s CEO.

As a purpose-built eCommerce platform for B2B, OroCommerce offers out-of-the-box B2B features such as managing corporate accounts, displaying unique price books, showcasing buyer-specific catalogs, supporting Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) processes, ERP integration, custom workflows, and many more B2B capabilities. The complete control and customization of OroCommerce makes it a top choice for established companies looking to start new or upgrade their existing eCommerce presence to provide advanced B2B capabilities.

Alpine designs and implements complex OroCommerce solutions and provides ongoing support and enhancement services. Alpine implements highly complex eCommerce solutions, including headless configurations and those requiring extensive integrations to backend and external systems.