AiFi and Loop Neighborhood Expand Partnership, Rolling Out Autonomous Shopping Technology to Two Additional Stores in California

AiFi and Loop Neighborhood Expand Partnership

AiFi, the leading provider of frictionless AI-powered autonomous shopping experiences, today announced an expanded partnership with Loop Neighborhood to introduce AiFi’s computer vision, camera-only platform to its existing stores in California, starting with two Bay Area locations.

This expansion follows AiFi’s initial partnership with Loop Neighborhood to design the first fully autonomous gas station store in the world using AiFi’s NanoStore model in Campbell, California in 2019.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to expand our partnership with Loop Neighborhood so their customers can start reaping the benefits of autonomous shopping through our computer vision-powered solution,” said Steve Gu, founder and CEO of AiFi. “We are happy to provide Loop Neighborhood with this highly flexible, cost-effective solution that addresses their operational needs and adapts easily to their existing store configurations.”

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AiFi’s technology can recognize tens of thousands of SKUs with pinpoint accuracy including shelved products of any size and weight—from warm foods and fountain drinks to cell phone accessories and health and beauty essentials. Retailers can incorporate this technology without having to change their store layout, product assortment, or shelf inventory, ensuring store operation continuity.

“AiFi’s NanoStore™ has been welcomed with open arms by our customers and we think they’re ready for the next generation of AI-powered shopping,” said Pervez Pir, COO at Loop Neighborhood. “Our expanded partnership with AiFi will enable us to incorporate autonomous shopping technology into more stores, allowing our cashiers to focus on providing the best customer service—all while preserving the look and feel of a traditional shopping experience.”

AiFi’s patented end-to-end autonomous store platform combines cameras and AI-powered software to create a frictionless shopping experience. One of the most affordable solutions in the market, AiFi’s system easily integrates with existing store configurations and delivers industry-leading accuracy when it comes to product recognition, shopper tracking, and generating receipts.

With AiFi’s hybrid solution, Loop Neighborhood provides customers the option to check out with a cashier or scan their LoopAutoCheckout QR code upon entering the store so they can purchase items without waiting in line. AiFi-powered automated checkout helps customers in a hurry get out the door faster, freeing up cashiers’ time to focus on delivering more personalized customer service. Following the opening of these two stores this summer, Loop Neighborhood plans to open additional AiFi-powered stores later this year.

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