Agility CMS Redefines The Headless CMS Industry with Unlimited Offerings

Agility CM

Recent changes to the world economy force teams to build digital experiences faster. Agility CMS, a content-first headless CMS has restructured its pricing tiers to provide brands with unlimited room for growth removing limits on content and users.

Agility CMS is a Content Management System that allows marketing teams to create and manage content across their digital properties.

Agility CMS is revolutionizing the Headless CMS industry by providing tools that close the gap between monolithic traditional CMS platforms and pure developer-centric CMS tools. This hybrid approach eliminates creative limitations and security concerns created by the previous generation of CMS software. It provides complete creative freedom for web developers while presenting familiar authoring tools to editors and content creators.

In response to recent changes in the world economy, Agility CMS’s CEO has restructured its pricing tiers to provide users with more room for growth at better price points.

The new market environment has challenged brands and digital agencies to be more agile than ever. Recent changes to the world economy force teams to build digital experiences faster and more affordable. Agility CMS’s new pricing structure aims at meeting these requirements by simplifying the selection process.

As a move to part from the traditional, complicated pricing structure most CMSs have, Agility CMS has adopted a simpler pricing structure that eliminates unnecessary limits of users, languages, and content items. Often, the complicated nature of pricing tiers prompts users to select a package only to find that it doesn’t support their growth, which results in frustration, slower time to market, and sluggish web development.

Jon Voigt, Agility CMS’ CEO, explained the reasoning behind the company’s newly structured pricing. “We wanted to give more, yet simplify things. We kept hearing that people are upset with the complex pricing models out there; we wanted to provide a better free edition and an unlimited community-supported edition that was based on value.”

With each package, Agility CMS is aiming to bring more value to clients and reduce the friction for developers and businesses switching to a headless architecture. At the same time, the software company seeks to attract early adopters of JAMstack architecture.

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According to Voigt, the new pricing structure brings unlimited freedom at extremely reasonable price points.

“By giving accounts unlimited users and content, we give them unlimited room to grow. In the headless CMS space, restrictions in these areas are common. But how do you know how many content items will you have on your website? We wanted to fix that,” said Voigt.

“It’s now easier for users to jump on board, whether you are a freelance developer, or small agency, or a bigger organization. Users can now stop worrying about paying a small amount and then getting charged again and again when they want to add more users or content. By giving accounts unlimited users and content, we give them unlimited growth,” Voigt continued.

Agility CMS is now offering four packages: free package for developers, a package for small teams, premium business package and custom enterprise options, with more freedom, when it comes to users, content items, and bandwidth, for users across the board.

Free Package: Now includes 5 users, 10GB bandwidth, 2,500 content items, and community support, making it a lucrative headless CMS option for any startup.

Standard Package: For only $47 per month, this package unlocks unlimited users and content items, allowing for exponential growth. Community support and 500GB of bandwidth is also included.

Pro Package: At $579 per month, companies on this package get direct support from the Agility CMS team, unlimited users, unlimited content items, and 1TB of bandwidth.

Enterprise Options: Starting at $2,500 per month, companies gain even more direct and granular support, a dedicated account manager, and control over all the needs of your digital ecosystem.

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