AfterShip, a leading shipping and tracking platform for top online retailers and Shopify stores, today announced a partnership with Stallion Express, a Canadian shipment services provider for small and medium sized online retailers nationwide for their shipment domestically and internationally.

The partnership enables the 8,000-strong eCommerce sellers using Stallion Express to provide proactive delivery updates to their shoppers and minimize customer services effort for WISMO (where is my order) enquiries. Research shows that 93% of consumers want to stay informed and receive proactive updates about their shipments.

“We are thrilled to empower Canadian Shopify merchants to grow by engaging their shoppers after sales with automated delivery updates,” said Andrew Chan, co-founder of AfterShip. “Shoppers can be notified immediately if delivery goes wrong so that issues can be resolved earlier, which is critical to customer retention.”

“This partnership provides an edge to our SME clients over their competitions, who are not equipped with this automated tracking capabilities,” said Pramod Bhat, CEO of Stallion Express. “It works across all our carrier partners such as Canada Post, USPS and UPS, as we have full data integration with AfterShip.”

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Tracking is streamlined for both merchants and shoppers in time for the holiday shopping season. Previously, shoppers are sent a Shipment ID, a tracking number from the carrier and a third number for the last mile delivery. Now, tracking is made easy with one tracking number, one dedicated tracking website and a free AfterShip app available on iOS and Android.