Advocado Acquires VEIL Digital Audio Watermarking Technology to Strengthen Attribution and Verification Across Radio, Broadcast, Streaming and Gaming

Advocado Acquires VEIL Digital Audio Watermarking Technology

Advocado, a data platform connecting and powering cross-screen advertising, today announced it has acquired the VEIL watermarking technology and 46 other patents from VEIL Interactive Technologies, an affiliate of Koplar Interactive Systems International (KISI).

A long-time licensee of the VEIL technology, Advocado will now integrate the watermarking capabilities into its data management platform for broadcast TV and radio, while adding advanced detection and attribution for interactive TV and gaming. With this powerful integration, advertisers, networks and media partners can more accurately measure ad effectiveness and drive consumer engagement across channels.

“For decades, VEIL has been the industry standard to verify billions of dollars’ worth of media spend,” said Jeff Linihan, co-founder and COO of Advocado. “Now combined with Advocado’s best-in-breed SaaS and DaaS capabilities, we are expanding the precision and speed at which VEIL can be applied, and across a greater number of use cases. We can now offer the industry a non-biased, real-time attribution and campaign-coordination platform that’s capable of measuring next-generation media experiences, at scale.”

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Following the acquisition, Advocado customers will immediately benefit from expanded monitoring capabilities on CTV and OTT, with piloting to soon begin on radio and streaming audio. The full patent portfolio also gives customers access to more novel ways to embed data in video and audio streams, as well as advanced interactive TV capabilities, long before the next generation of standards become commonplace.

“In five years of licensing VEIL, Advocado has proven to be a strategic partner capable of both innovation and application,” commented Bob Koplar, president of KISI. “This ability to execute made Advocado the obvious choice to evolve the foundational VEIL technology into a suite of game-changing media measurement solutions.”

Linihan added, “By combining core VEIL technologies with Advocado’s platform and culture of innovation, advertisers, consumers, media organizations and hardware manufacturers can validate the promises of tomorrow’s TV experiences today.”

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